I curated Finish Fetish: Textural Play while the Director of Vivian Horan Fine Art, a modern and contemporary masterworks gallery in New York. I selected material from our inventory and the owner's personal collection to curate an exhibition inspired by the Finish Fetish art movement of 1960s-1970s southern California. Finish Fetish artists were interested in using nontraditional, industrial materials to create artwork that pushed the mediums' possibilities. Materials such as Plexiglas, regular glass, automobile paint, ceramic clay, and experimental glazes were used to explore how different textures could be achieved on different forms of fine artworks. New sculptural practices were developed during this time, and the Light and Space artists' work also influenced some of the Finish Fetish group. I used the interest in the exploration of texture as a starting point for Finish Fetish: Textural Play. 


Carl Andre

Matthew Barney

Walead Beshty

Lynda Benglis

Sandra Bermudez

Alighiero e Boetti

Enrico Castellani


Marcel Duchamp and Enrico Donati

Lucio Fontana

Joe Goode

Gregor Hildebrandt

Jenny Holzer

Martin Kline

Yayoi Kusama

Les Lalannes

Walter LeBlanc

Glenn Ligon

Sigmar Polke

Ed Ruscha

Gedi Sibony

Rob Wynne