Hodge Podge II was the second iteration of a group exhibition which was first located at The Art Hall in Oklahoma City, from October 2017 to January 2018, and with the second version taking place at Oklahoma City Community College’s Inasmuch Foundation Gallery from January to March 2018. Rather than being focused around a specific, central curatorial theme, Hodge Podge represents a sampling of the diversity of artwork being created by artists in Oklahoma today. In its totality, the exhibition includes a broad range of types of artwork, including figurative and abstract painting, reclaimed wood and metal sculpture, collage, photography, printmaking, and functional, ceramic art.

 Featuring fifteen artists in its first iteration and fourteen in its second, Hodge Podge aims to show work by artists at all levels of their careers and from many backgrounds. The exhibition includes artists in high school, college students, professional artists, art instructors, and hobby-based artists.

The juxtaposition of the different art forms in the exhibition speaks to the interconnectedness of artistic practice. Many of the artists in this show work in other media than what is on display here, and some take part in collaborative artistic practices as well. Hodge Podge merely scratches the surface of artistic offerings in Oklahoma and suggests that there is no one definition of “Oklahoma art”.